Bobby Choy


Bobby Choy (Big Phony) is a singer/songwriter born and raised in New York City. At the age of 14 Bobby’s family relocated to Los Angeles, leaving him in New York City so he could attend the legendary School of Performing Arts and Music and Art, which has produced a long list of talent including Al Pacino, Jennifer Aniston, and Bela Fleck. Living alone at such an early age, Big Phony devoted his time to writing in his New York City apartment.

With strong religious conviction, Big Phony left for Boston to attend a Christian college to study to be a pastor. He quickly realized that this was not the path for him and returned his focus to his music. After college, he moved to Los Angeles to be closer with his family. It was in Los Angeles where Big Phony began his pursuit to be a singer-songwriter. He quickly built a devout fan base with his songs and performances. In early 2006 he returned to New York to build that same kind of following and began to split his time between both cities crashing on couches and aerobeds.

In 2011, Big Phony made his first visit to South Korea, the country his parents originally hailed from. He immediately felt a unique and positive connection and decided to stay.  

Big Phony delivers honest lyrics and natural talent. There’s a fragile but controlled quality in his voice, which he attributes to thin apartment walls and easily disgruntled neighbors. Fans of Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, and Death Cab For Cutie will instinctively gravitate towards Big Phony’s sound.  Big Phony has since been able to create an unexpected bridge between himself and a culture he now adores and identifies with.  He’s performed in more than 50 Korean live venues as well as on Korean TV & Radio. He’s penned music for artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Kim Jo Han, and Korean Punk Rock legends No Brain.  From 2013-2015 he was signed to Korean indie label Electric Muse. He is one of the main cast members of the original web series and feature film Ktown Cowboys.  Currently, he is the lead actor in the feature indie music film FICTION & OTHER REALITIES (2018)